AN: Visit this, people, and read John Stein's self important review, if you want to know why I'm yelling at him via an essay. He's so...Ok, if you want to know, just read underneath. When I say "We care" in the first few sentances, I'm talking about Europeans caring about the US elections. Sorry for this rant, but MAN does he piss me off. Also, Cthulu's home page is thus: she's well cool.

To John Stein,

Actually, freak, like Cthulhu said, we care because it affects everyone, not just you dumb Americans. Most Americans don't seem to have their head so far up their ass as you do, so I think I'll just assume you're part of an idiotic minority. And just to let you know? You may be a super-power, but that doesn't make you RIGHT. You're an ass. We write essays because we are truely fearful for our sorry selves getting our asses blown off. I am half-American and am planning to return at the there, so I do care about what kind of place I'll be arriving at when I get there. Don't think you're better than us. You're so self-centered and, like I've said, up yourself. " We know we're better; more diverse, more interesting, we have better movies, more money, better pop culture, and immigrants are trying desperately to get into this country (rather than yours), but let it go."

GET OVER YOUSELF! If you hadn't noticed, considering you don't seem to have much care for anything going on outside of your stupid country, Britain is being flooded with immigrants and we have a bit of a crisis at the moment, politically. So don't think that people will keep flooding just to you. We have lots of immigrants too. Also, I'm sorry, WHO'S ECONOMY IS DOING BETTER AT THE MOMENT?! Yeah, not yours, that's for sure. Thanks to Georgie boy.

Also, why are you so proud of immigrants flooding your borders? Considering how racist and xenophobic you are, I would have thought you'd hate that.

Oh, you know what? Most people don't really care about that New Strapshire place you were talking about's elections, either. Nobody cares about the stupid local elections in the US either. However, because we're more outward looking and less self-absorbed than you are, we followed the Spanish elections recently. I bet you didn't even know they had some recently.

Georgie boy wasn't trying to defend his borders. He was being an idiot. I'm starting to see why you like him so much. You two are so similar.

So, in conclusion, shut the up. We care because we were hoping people would vote with their heads. I know several people who now think most Americans are pretty stupid. Voting for George Bush? they say. What's wrong with them?

And that's what I'd like to know.

What the is wrong with you, John?

A Little Unimportant Islander---- OM

AN: Ahhh...I can just see people screaming at me now. This was all directed at him. I think Americans are actually some of the coolest people sometimes. It's just this one that really pisses me off. I'm sorry for this having no form, and for wasting space. I needed this.

Also, if you know him, make sure he reads this. Wouldn't want him to miss out.