Oxygen mask

Easily read yet seldom understood

A chemical formula written in a book

But could you take those compounds

And make them work for you

Or are they just numbers and letters

Read , recognized , worthless

Hidden behind shaded eyes

Boiling over yet contained

All that text books tell you

In residual remains

Can you take this caustic mask and make it yours

Mold it to your face

Peel back blistered skin

And admit your disgrace

Or would you willingly suffocate

Standing alone on a decimal

Tethering on a catalyst cause

Bearing your soul

Just to watch it dissolve

Standing up under pressure

Tons and light-years of force

Leading where many has followed

Just to hear that fatal word

Disproved on your death bed

Where eternity lies in wait

Preying on the mottled corpses

Of those who came too late

Do you look upon those bones

The calcium marrow like stone

Or do you see the flesh and blood

Of which a man was born

Could you deny the genetics

Electric charges to the brain

Or do you not see the impact

Where knowledge blunts the pain

When words of wisdom put to purpose

Will crush walls and worlds alike

When hands which once held power

Flip the switch and shed pure light

When words thoughts and deeds

Are used for just causes

And all those slain for freedom

Know their lives were causes

Take that mask and let it fall

The effort is wasted now

Show your true face with out numbers

Dearly beloved take a bow.