roxygen mask

screaming wailing screeching in my heart

my nerves cant take the pain

like currents they shock my soul into submission leaving me dazed

clutching this instrument holding on to broken dreams

dragging out the passion that some day i'll find the means

to portrait honestly this silence inside me, it burns

blazing behind my eyes

like frozen tears my stomach turns

as the beat drops the music fades away

nothing left but me, do i stand still or play

.like the world can hear me play

like someday things will change

and someday every one will know

my life's arranged like bottles on a shelf

empty falling shattering delicately against this broken strain

the pick has left my hand and now my fingers bleed ,but oh the passion

that i feel now as i drip onto these strings

leaving behind my blood amongst other things

if this is not something real to prove my broken heart

then take me back to the beginning and pray i never start

drowning in this putrid sound like wailing cats or barking hounds

on my tail are stranger things a choking my life away from me

so i sing these spiteful words

and hope that things wont be the same

when i stop breathing out these frames

iam drowning in these things again

feed me roxygen to saturate my soul so i can walk

away from here and leave behind

these faces that i think are mine