Part two of my little story 3 I've actually written this a while back, and I'm just now publishing and slapping it into chapters and stuff. I hope SOMEONE out there enjoys it, because then I will feel like I have performed my duty! And that I'm good. Harr! 3


Part II – The Return


My escape still haunts the recesses of my mind, even if it has been more than a decade since I have run from those accursed people. It matters no longer, I have a new life, a new passion, a new reality. Forget everything I had learned before, what does it matter?! Love, hate, real emotion...There is nothing in that. In the many years I have lived liberated, I have realized—there are only objects. Gold, silver, jewels. Ornate silk robes and delicate porcelains—all the things I had shunned before are the only things that have any meaning in the world. And such is my current world: live life well, with treasure and fame.

Everyone knows who I am now! I am a famous hero and an even more famed lover. Just the sound of my name can send chills and terrors through the heart—just like that wretched wench of an angel. I have yet to hunt that malicious bitch down. I will, I will. I'll tear those wings from her back and burn her alive. She dared to weave her manipulative spell through my thoughts, and for misleading me, she will pay dearly.

The thought never ceases to make me smile.

Now is not the time to think about that. With my name, my reputation, they will come to me, and I shall wait in the shadows, ready to pounce. Like a cat watching its prey. Like a tiger on the hunt. I won't be defeated and I won't be humiliated. Never again, I swore to myself. Never again.

"Approaching your home, sir."

My home. No, that's not my home. It is simply a place where I was conceived and born (supposedly). I have no more attachments, no more chains attached to that place. That is alright. I will just destroy that place in wave after wave of fire and men, a smile never leaving my lips. Ah, such revenge can never be too sweet, no matter what they may say. I feel parched and only the blood of my enemies can quench it.

I expected the village to gather in front of the palace to receive me, their beloved prince finally returning home. This, or I expected the foolish people to flee in droves away from the area, but what I saw was nothing like I had anticipated. There was nothing there! Nothing but a few stray, scraggly dogs wandering about the dusty streets and buildings. My dreams of revenge are dashed!

I climb down from my little, lavishly decorated carriage, disappointed and irate. Where is the family I wanted to hopeless grind into the ground? Where are the terrified socialites I so desperately needed to crush?

"Where, in the name of all that is beautiful, IS EVERYONE!?"


No one would answer me, or even dare to move. This is utterly frustrating! I am supposed to come and destroy this town, but with no one to fear me, to know me, it becomes so needless! There is no logic is destroying an empty town! Rather than fear or revere me, they shall mock me and laugh at the sound of my name! My loyal subjects aren't scouting the town. They aren't answering my question! For the love of –


My people scurry, like rats that have been discovered. They disperse through the deserted town, entering buildings and returning with nothing. I too walk through the town, more specifically, to the royal palace in which I used to sleep soundly. Now, it is empty and stripped of value. It is as if some magical fairy swept through this town just for my arrival. Nay, it was as if a black angel did this to me out of spite. I am...being lured.

"...Prepare my horse," I command, and my servants go scurrying to load my wonderful stallion with traveling supplies.

He was a beauty, russet brown with noble white markings and the sheen of velvet. Ah, my gorgeous, loyal horse. He has a mind more advanced than any human pig on this planet. So simple, so straightforward, no lies, no deception. He is everything that man should have, but doesn't. To think, that horse shall me the only companion that I shall ever have that will ever be my equivalent. What kind of sad race has man evolved into?

Putting these worrisome thoughts aside, I mount my horse, quickly ascending to a gallop to the outskirts of the town. There was once a garden here, one where I used to walk quite peacefully...