Sitting in the classroom

Staring at the wall

The teacher's talking to me

I cannot feel at all

Every single day

They preach the same damn thing

I'm sick of all this bullshit

What happened to my dream?

Class lets out on time

I hang out with my friends

We talk and laugh at nothing

Means to one specific end

It keeps us sane and "normal"

Talking, laughing at the air

We look happy on the surface

Underneath there's nothing there

At home our parents ask us

How was your day today?

We smile and answer shortly

We say it was okay

Nobody is the wiser

To the emptiness inside

Our smiles are our savior

Our only place to hide

Some think we want to end it

Some think we can be "fixed"

Some say we just don't care

We have no type of wish

They are all wrong by assuming

They know what we feel inside

They all have no damn clue

What it is we hide

We know they're wrong by nature

They don't have to pretend

Cuz I'm still sitting in my classroom

And there is no foreseen end

I move about and laugh and sing

You'd think that I was free

Except for this one tiny thing

The emptiness in me.