I don't know what to say to you anymore.
I want you to stop hurting,
and I want to be able to talk to you.
I want us both to be better.

It is hard sometimes,
and sometimes I allow myself to get so mad at you.
You think no one understands,
what you are going through,
well, I do.
every time I look at you.
I want to cry,
but I want to hug you.

You don't understand my feelings for you,
at least you haven't hurt me,
like you were hurt, repeatively.
But people have done that to me.
You have taught me so much,
and I can't ever thank you.
I feel bad, because I upset you.

We are like too flames drawn together sometimes,
and we are liable to burn the whole place down,
because of the pain,
and the sorrow,
over different things we both feel inside.

One day,
maybe soon,
we will both be better.
We will both be able to stand on our own feet.
I hope soon.
But I can't make any promises,
and the problem is
I can't fix you,
and you can't fix me.