"Bleed Romeo, Bleed"

You say that if you would have known, things would be different,

That's a lie.

Even then you were hung up on her.

The little Catholic whore you claim to love,

And she supposedly loves you back.

She has you twisted around her little finger,

But you like to be tied up.

Your heart is and bound,

And you're too blind to see that you're only a toy to her.

She's left you broken and bruised how many times before?

You'll get your heart shattered.

And when it does, I hope you get cut.

Hell, I hope you bleed.

You girlfriend's God know's I've bled for you.

I bet shecan't say the same.

And when she's gone,

And when you're alone,

And completely empty,

Maybe then you will realize:

What a fool you are,

And what a slut she is,

And how I knew all along,

But until then,

Bleed Romeo.