This is For You

Up all night thinking about you,

Since we've been together I've been blue.

We've argued twice in just eight days,

My life's become some twisted maze.

It's paining me inside can't you see?

I love you yet this cannot be.

You don't know anything about me,

Like my faults or favorite cd.

Nick, you and I just don't see eye to eye,

You dis my friends, which makes me cry.

And try to make me hang out with you,

Can't you see? I want a life too.

A/N: This was a poem to my tell him what was wrong with him and why I broke up with him since I couldn't put it any other way. Well, he wasn't too happy about the breakup (who would? Then again...) but he did say that he thought the poem was really good...even though the message wasn't. We're still friends, though, so all is well!