I Hate, I Die

Hurt, scarred, I lay alone waiting to die
My tears have soaked the sun-baked sand
Deceit, betrayal, you left me alone to cry
Broken your promise to forever hold my hand

Afraid, tortured, my soul seeks your downfall
For all those lies, those painful rumors
Vindictive, unforgiving, I shall destroy all
Only because they hurt me more than tumors

Wounded, bleeding, no chance of healing now
Just take a look at where you now stand
Pleading, miserable, asking for forgiveness how?
Kneeling before my wounded body lying in sand

Ignoring, hating, I turn painfully away
It's taken all of my sanity to bring me here
Sorrowful, broken, I have made your soul today
I would love to watch you slowly tear

Anguish, fury, is what you brought me
When all I asked for was friendship
Judgmental, unfair, you always shall be
Look at my broken eyes, the frown on my lips

Fractured, beaten, now is my body and soul
Watching you laugh your life away
Jealous, greedy, catch your fake tears in a bowl
Before I die for your end I sadistically pray

Angrily, painfully, I ask why you killed me so
Why you brought me to ruins, so much pain
Ashamed, regretful, you bow down and turn to go
Why do you force me to question if I'm sane?

Paranoid, frightened, I suddenly grow seeing you
A deeper reason exists in your apology
Deceiving, clever, you can be too
Sincerity lies not in your heart, your philosophy

Dying, fading, I'm slowly losing my sight
In the end you have won from me everything
Tormented, dead, I have lost this unending fight
I lie alone waiting to hear the vultures sing...