A Young Fool's Lullaby

You are going to break my heart

You are going to tear me apart

You are going to play me like a fool

Through all of it I will die to keep my cool

You will laugh in my face, I swear it

Seeing the adoration in this young fool's eyes

You play me like a simple game

I dance to your tune

Even though I know you do not feel the same

Where is my sense, where is your compassion?

They say you give and you receive, I give you all I can

You give me scraps of your love

Believe me when I say you are my only man

Can I trust you as you trust me?

Is this all you give my darling?

If not to who do you give the rest of your affection?

Faraway across the sea you long for a stranger's kiss

Your eyes begin to wander as temptation breathes into your mind

Will you leave what I give behind

When you cannot fight any longer?

Will my memory stop making you stronger?

These are questions that have replaced the shadow o'th' earth

My darling how can I trust you when I see only shadows?

Show me your true self

If we are meant to be together I swear I will not leave you side

Prove to me that there is where you yearn for me to abide

I will stay forever if you only ask

Why do you hide behind a mask?

Are you afraid I will not accept you into my arms?

The mask you hide behind will push me away in time

I will be unable to stay

Please do not be afraid......I will not leave against you wishes

I am asking you to let me into your heart

Tis the lullaby I sing each sleepless night