Brad Said That He Loved Me

Brad said that he was in love with me

but I turned away

only to look back later and see that he was gone.

Brad said that I was beautiful

and I let him

put his hand on my cheek

because in a way I loved him to.

Brad was wild beauty

against the crash

and crumbling walls of high school

that left him

drugged on broken dreams

and girls

like me

who didn't tell him that they loved him back.

I don't know about the others

but I know that there were more.

Brad said that he loved me

but I couldn't say it back

I was broken

and twisted

and I wanted to be everything and everyone.

I wanted to be untamed

against my exotic nationality

and feel

what it was to be free

and unchained against the night.

Brad said that he loved me

but I said nothing.

I held his hand

while allowing him to drop acid

right in front of me.

Brad said that I was beautiful

but I didn't believe him

I was uncomfortable

and enthralled within my skin tone


against the lash

leasing me out to society.

Say hello to our ultimate demise

and the ways

that we love to kill ourselves.



He liked to feel the pain flow through his veins

while watching me

so far away from where he was.

Brad said that he loved me

but I couldn't speak.

I had black boots on

and my hair was down

and covering the shake

that was me hearing this for the first time.

"I love you"



I was supposed to be good at this

words were my language.

"I love you."

He said

but I wasn't ready to say it back.