"Whatever you put your mind to, you can do" Said my mom

But it's all a lie

No matter what

You can try as hard as you want

But it's useless

Try to get a girlfriend

Hell, I can't even talk straight in front of girls

No one accepts me for who I am

I'm about one second from giving up

All I want

Is someone I can share my feelings with

Someone who understands me

Who won't like me out of pity

But because of my personality

I hate being alone

I feel so sad

People can be so cruel

They can use you to boost themselves up

Then throw you away

Like a fuckin rag doll

Into a deep, sad, painful abyss

That is so painful to crawl out of.

I've been there so many times

I have so many scars

I give up

Now where do I go from here

I'm so sad

Like a crying baby

Put out by himself into the cruel world

Does anyone hold him, comfort him, tell him it's ok?


Do they nourish, protect, help this lonely baby?



They ignore him

I'm like that baby (In a sense)

Crying, Begging for love

Waiting for someone

With outstretched arms

But no one cares

They just kick me aside


Laugh at me....

I'm not hurt

But deep inside

I can't stop crying