Inner Soul (Who am I?)

Stuck in this battlefield of pain Watching my friends suffer and die

I scream my warcry Slicing left and right

Destroying my foes

The fire of revenge Burning brightly in my eyes

My primal instincts fails me

But I fight on Knowing

I won't be back

This spurs me on...

My family disowned me

Stuck with a replica

Knowing not from where I belong

I have no identity

I have no name

I fight on

The fire of suffering burns my skin

But I do not notice I'm not alive

My spirit is cold Frozen with the sadness of abandonment

But the fire of revenge Heats it up and awaking the remorse

All my feelings pour back in But why now?

I'm not ready to go

My heart begins to soften

My arms become weak...

All that's left.....

Is a crying, weak child

He doesn't know who he is

Where he's from

Why he's been put on this earth

This child is me.....

Crying for mercy from this harsh world

This child is brutally slaughtered by society and dies a slow death.