Faithless Juliet

She awoke to find him there Slain by his own hand But in his mind the deed was done By the unjust ones at hand By fate and something more or less That kept them from true love But her fate is now beset By problems left unsolved

She took the dagger from his hand And licked its cold blade clean She smiled and thanked him lying there That her hands were clean Then carefully and stealthily She moved him from the floor And honestly and lovingly She walk right out the door

Friar dear I need you here Called faithless Juliet The friar whose head beset came to her aide And looked upon dead Romeo As she carelessly bade And then the cry went out loud and strong The young one had been wronged For the dagger once nestled there Was now vanished and gone And not moments hence it was found The one that matched the wound On he who fair Juliet had only yesterday swooned

So fingers were pointed and sides were chosen And court was called that day And the faithless Juliet shed many a tear As the towns constable carried the framed away

Angry yes but wronged they were deemed And all thought just Became unseen As the families of the slain Gathered round the funeral scene Then came the friar with many a prayer And Juliet the be-widowed lover in arms Comforted by many a psalms and ringed the whole way round By family friend and foes

Faithlessly she dropped a rose Upon the grave of he whose woes Were left upon the flagstones bare If only he could have the ear of faithless Juliet