He smiled in my face

Openly honestly

And all I could do was stare back

Unmoved by that glowing fa├žade

Does he know I'am blind

That these roving eyes see naught what he projects

But the shadows that lay behind those blue eyes

Thrashing Flailing Drowning

He tried to clear his mind

Jettison those secrets thoughts

Of what he'd do to me

Absently musing

As I walk away

The blank stare affixed to my face

Gaining more attention than it casts away

All wanting to break through this mask

With lies

Promises with no intentions or ambitions

Other than to see not who I am

But what they could make me

Unclean Disgusted Angry

So I move along

Carelessly swinging my arms

As if their eyes didn't hurt me

I wear a mask

To cover the burning scars

The anti-flirt still alive

But at what cost

Is the pain willing to bear?

Strong Independent Alone

I look back

He's gone

Those predatory eyes

Drowning smaller fish

I smile

Radiant Alluring

Then let it stretch wide

Disarming Repulsing

Flirting with danger