My wings hang broken at my sides,

and the heartbeat in my chest whispers

and dies.

Perhaps the light that shone

in your eyes

was just a disguise.

I'll fly on faith alone.

And the silence cuts through me

like a cold razor blade.

I guess to you I'll always just be

an accessory.

So easy to play,

so quick to fade.

The blood seeps through

velvet red, my heart

beating blindly in the dark.

Where are you?

Like the ghosts of ancient memories,

you always slip away.

You'll always leave me empty.

Am I even worth your precious truths and time?

Or will you let me stand in the rain

standing in an empty line

soaked in pain.

Pretending that I'll be just fine,

tugging on my heartstrings

Ôcause the tears come every night.

Is it all a game to you?

monopolize my feelings,

say Sorry every time

I glimpse the truth.

Every card I hold leads me closer,

to the other side

of the checkerboard of your lies.

The blood seeps through

velvet red it runs.

Heart beating blindly in the dark,

this endless night littered with the shards

of every broken heart.

Where are you?

Like keeping water in my hands,

you always slip away.

You'll never understand.