Can we take everything the world throws at us?
Can we defeat all the odds?
Can we last through this hell?
Can we come out on top?

If the world ended tomorrow
would you be by my side?
I'm sure you would,
but it doesn't end tomorrow.

We have our whole lives ahead of us
forever isn't merely four months.
Can we make it last?
Should we even bother to try?

Should we fool ourselves into believing
that we can accomplish the impossible?
Won't that just make it hurt even more
when inevitably we fail?

I wish I could believe
that we can make it until the end of time,
but I will only be disappointed
when this all falls apart.

But as I hold you close,
I love you more than life
and I cannot imagine us losing this battle.
I can only think about the love we share.

I can dream of eternity
and the possibilities we would have
if only we could make it