Chasing after You

I dont know how to change this

This feeling of hopelessness

Everywhere I look I see walls

Walls that need to come down

Barriers, up for no reason

There is a reason, but its hidden from me

Like the ship coming at night

no lighthouse, all rocks

my time lasts only for so long

I need to find that lighthouse again

In the midst of wanting to give up

I see a light flicker in the darkness

Wandering Aimlessly never knowing the truth

I run for the light, crave for its warmth

Wish for the embrace. Hope is all that I have left

And thats even dwindling. I chase after the light

It calls me, but I know, Its Darkest before Dawn

Why Cant I control this pain, Why cant I control myself

At least now I have a direction

Chasing after my salvation, Chasing after you