Blind Faith

As I wait for sleep I imagine you

Me your beside, noone else

We've had our ups, were going through downs

Trust, Love, Faithfulness

I dont know what these words mean

You think your the beginner

When in all reality you showed me these things

Never expierenced, Never fealt, unknown the way I should react

I dont play this part, This is raw emotion

Im so scared of the endless perceptions of us

I dont know what you feel

I dont know what you think

but yet you stay waiting for Dawn

When all I see is the coldand true reality of night

The choices of my past have brought me to this

Im what I despise the most, A hypocrite

Your scared of the fights, I welcome them

I need to know you dissagree instead of lie

You say the honest thoughts of yours

People say you love me, I dont know what love is

Every love i've had, has been lost to blind faith

Have I lost my faith. have i lost you in this fight

It may have ended but i'll fight for you

Maybe the words are true, maybe your different

wake me up to you then, dont let me hide anymore