The Light of the Night

The Light of the Night.

A contradiction of terms you may think,

The Night of the Light,

In these dreams I swim or sink,

The Truth and the True,

Different concepts this time,

The True and the Truth,

May together they face the final chime,

Destruction and salvation

Confusion and explanations.

The beginning of wisdom is understanding,

Answers only lead to questions.

You can ask one to many in the end,

And you will eventually face that Truth alone,

Look far but not to far my friend,

For gods will quiver when you understand my tone,

The more questions we ask,

The more sparkles fades from this world,

Equations and explanations may do the task,

But belief they do uncurl,

I turn to you and smile,

Blood drips from my eyes,

A thousand tears have left me while,

You have looked into the light,

The light I find is reflected from the blade,

Control is what I create,

My light will only save,

Me from the maw of fate,

Arms wrap around me,

I fall to the ground,

Her eyes glisten before me,

Darkness is all around,

The doorway to heaven opens at last,

The gods have gave me an audience,

My questions are my task,

I try to search for sense,

I asked the first question to the gods,

Why do you let millions cry?

Myself I could not stop,

And now all I see is night.

I asked the second question to the gods,

Why do you let millions die?

Myself I could not stop,

And now all I see is night,

I asked a third question to the gods,

What is the meaning of this life?

Myself I could not stop,

And suddenly I saw light,

Love swirled around me,

Eternal, vast, and immense,

Beyond the roots of biology,

I found sense,

I had looked too deep,

I had been engulfed by shadow,

I have everything I need,

I awake in her arms and I bow now,

Embracing her,

Facing them,

Defying night,

Finding the Light of the Night.