You ended the torture I put upon myself
And now you're the reason for it
I watch the blood spill from my arm
There's no escaping this shit
I thought I could stop
That you took away all my pain
Now as I sit here and think
This isn't supposed to happen
You're supposed to be my support
You're supposed to be my strength
You should be here
Cleaning my wounds
Instead of somewhere else instead
I've experienced the best parts of life
I've experienced the worst
And I want you to know
That every second spend with you
I'm soaring above it all
I never knew I could feel so could
Until you picked me up
And helped me to fly
But now I'm thinking
Maybe it was all a lie
Sure you love me
But what is that worth these days
No one cares
They don't want us together anyway
But why give them what they want
You should be with me
I don't want it any other way
I don't want to lose you
Please…just stay…