Average Jayne

I sit here wondering,

When you'll call its

Been days and still

No word, I don't deserve it,

But as soon as

I see your name,

My heart soars

Coz I love hearing your words,

You make me feel good

No matter what you say,

But some times you can

Piss me off, but that's okay,

I talked to you tonight

For, I don't know,

2 hours or so,

It felt good,

But I didn't feel

The time and I loved

Hearing the chime,

When you replied,

I don't know, you just,

Affect me in away,

That stops me from thinking

Straight, and knowing what's right,

I don't know what,

Would have happened

If I never met you,

But I think,

Was it fate that

Made you review my

Work, or was it just

Plain luck that you did,

Your in my world and

Of coarse in my mind,

But at the end of the day,

I'm not what you had in mind,

If we ever meet,

You'll simply see me

For me, and I don't

Think you'll like that, you see,

I'm not a super model,

Let alone stick thin,

I'm just the average

Jayne everyone has within,

But you're no average

Joe that would understand

This low, and that I'm ever

So trying to let go.

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