I sit here wondering,

If it will ever be right,

I told you my secret,

And it may have given you a fright,

You knew something was up,

A long time ago,

But never had the guts,

To tell me so,

At first you were fine,

But now you no longer

Want to meet, I don't know

What happened, maybe it's just me,

I think I made the biggest mistake,

I shouldn't have told you,

Even though, in away you

Really wanted to know,

I text and say hey,

But you don't reply, is it

Just me or have you

Been running out of cred,

I e-mail you, but you

Don't reply, even though

I pour my heart out

And tell you everything, no lies

Maybe you're pissed off,

Coz in away I stood you up,

But you knew why and

That I didn't mean too,

Maybe you just can't handle,

That I told you something,

That in the end you

Didn't want to know,

I told that it wasn't good

Or even nice

It's a dark and horrible secret,

That keeps me up at night,

But I wish at the end,

You'd put it aside

And realise,

We could be good friends,

I've told other people

And there fine,

They can't believe it,

But they get through it,

The only reason,

Is, there my friend's,

And love me no matter what,

Even until the end,

Maybe at the end of

The day, you won't

Be able to deal, and

We'll just have to forget this,

But to tell you the truth,

I actually really liked you

And hoped that

We'd be friends,

But at this point,

It looks hopeless and

We might aswel say goodbye,

And that's the end.

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