We live normal lives everyday.

We breathe, walk, talk, look to the skies.

But we dont know, it's all just a game.

A scandal hidden behind fake victories and thousands of lies.

People think it's alright.

And why shouldn't they? It's only fair.

Americans should be allowed to trust the guys in charge

But Dubya's too busy letting bombs fly wild through the air.

When things went wrong, we came together.

Everyone was in pain. We wanted things to be okay.

So we turned to our "President", our "Commander in Chief".

Hoping he'd pull us all back on our feet and help lead the way.

But he spat in America's eye.

He lied to our faces.

He said Saddam was the one responsible

While Bin Laden ran and hid without any traces.

You'd think we'd get smart.

Throw the fraud out on the streets.

This coward who tricked us

and took control of our fleets.

But we all just stood by.

Didn't anyone care?

It all made no sense.

Not a single voice stood out anywhere.

We were all too scared.

We didnt wanna believe he was lyin'.

Well now we're in the wrong place, wrong time

people like you and me meaninglessly gettin' blown to pieces and dyin'.

Well the time is now.

The people have had enough.

This guy's gotten away with too much.

And look at him, speaking on that air carrier like he's so tough.

It's time to be American

and fight for our free land.

This is our final hour.

It's do or die, c'mon let's make our final stand.

We must come together one more time

and be our own army of expression

and put this retarded hick in his place

along with his administration of corruption and oppression.

So thanks anyway, Mr. Bush.

But you're a lying, stealing hack.

We're taking control of OUR country now.

The White House is ours. And we're gonna take it back.