Part one Introduction

Ch I Hoshi


I hurried into my room quietly shutting the door hoping no one would hear the noise. You see I don't want to be caught by Sano. My guardian can be so picky. He'll try to tutor me in boring subjects that I don't care about. I can usually sneak away from him for a couple of hours.

"What are you doing Hoshi?" A voice behind me barked. Here we go Sano has found me. Now he will proceed to lecture me. "I'm just admiring my perfect self in the mirror." I said looking at myself in the mirror. I am perfection not to be vain or anything. My reflection is flawless. I have short coconut brown hair and soft brown eyes. A flawless complexion helps bring out my slim figure. The only drawback is this lame outfit that Sano makes me wear. It's a white robe that I usually carry my weapon the Boka Noba my staff. "Sano you KNOW my time in front of the mirror is important." Sano shook his head, and when he does those bags of flesh jiggle. Sano is terribly ugly. He is bald and has saggy skin nobody can even see his eyes though all the wrinkles. He wears this old torn up robe. Needless to say he needs a major makeover. "I can't believe that the fate of this world depends on this irresponsible boy!" Sano throws his hands up in the air in frustration glaring at me. I smile cocking my head to one side. Sano always fusses at me like this, and I wasn't in the mood to deal with it today. "Leave me alone old man. I'm not in the mood to be lectured by the likes of you."

"Your never in the mood to be lectured Hoshi. You have no sense of anything if you don't look out you will fail not only your people, but your title for the throne as well."

"How many times must I tell you that I don't care about the throne?"

"Of course you don't care about anything but yourself……so why expect anything out of you. One day Hoshi you will have to face the holy one and what will you tell him." I stood up and walked away. Sano had said enough to me to last the rest of the day. I was so sick of him; he was always trying to tell me what to do. The Holy one would understand me; he's supposed to understand everyone. As I heard Sano exiting the room; I ran into the broom closet my secret hiding place ever since I was a little kid I came here to hide from the hardships of life. However this time I can't hide from my problems. Unfortunately I have to be king whether I want to our not. My parents went outside the castle and died that's how it always is. If you go outside the castle you die.

"HOSHI!! It's time to go." Sano opens up the door to the closet causing me to fall on my face. He laughs when he does that his silly old voice carries throughout the halls. "I don't find that funny, not in the least bit." I say sitting up and crossing my arms. Sano ruffles my hair making it all messy again. "SANO!!! How many times have I told you not to mess with the hair?" Sano winked at me. "About a million times now come on we have to go." I wasn't going anywhere, and nobody could make me. "Now come on Hoshi we have business it's not a long trip. We are only going to the kingdom of Eastside." I shake my head. "It's outside the castle. I don't go on the Outside Sano…I just can't. Don't you see if we go outside t-then…?" Sano sighs and playfully punches my arm. "Nothing is going to happen to you! I swear it on my grave. Hoshi you have to go outside the castle sometime."

"Why do we have to go anyway……and why can't you do this alone."

"Because Princess Naomi's parents just died and she is going to be crowed queen in a week. Our kingdom is at war with theirs and we need it to end Hoshi and I need you their for the regulation. Think of others for once in you life please." I shake my head. War or no I was not going outside. "I'm not going outside this castle Sano and that is that." Sano shakes his head. "Very well you give me no choice….I'm sorry Hoshi." I opened my mouth to question Sano, but before I could make out the words he hit me hard on the head with his staff. Sano started to dim as I was plunged into darkness.

Ch 2 Naomi

I wasn't in the mood for diplomatic relations. My dad had just died leaving me all alone in this world. Everyone says that he committed suicide, but I don't believe it. He was always smiling and so full of life, he would never kill himself. Someone had to kill him and I'm afraid that they will be after me next. I can't let my people down they are counting on me. For a while my dad has been training to be me queen. So naturally I'm ready to be take my role as queen.

"Hello Naomi!" Sano said in a cheerful voice. I'm glad Sir Sano will be helping me with the treaty. He's always been like a grandpa to me; even though he's from anther kingdom he's always trying to bring peace. That's what I admire about him. He can see the good in other people like I can. "So after today their will be no more wars Sir Sano." He nodded cheerfully "Yes no more wars." I hate wars they are dreadfully awful. "I'm so glad you came you see I was starting to get lonely…….ever since daddy died this castle has been so empty. I can't stand it."

"It's o.k. you'll be fine. You're a great leader, and by the gods you're even a spitting image of your father." Sano was right I did look a lot like my dad. I have long green hair like his and sparkling blue eyes that reflect what emotion I'm currently in. I have my mother's long slender body and I always wear a long white ballroom dress as a symbol of purity. "Your right I do look a lot like my daddy."

"Was he as pathetic as you?" A deep handsome voice said. I looked behind me to see the hottest looking guy I've ever laid my eyes on. I tried to say something but nothing came out. "What cat got your tong, or do you not know how to speak." He said shrugging his shoulders. Sano walked slowly over to the man and hit him on his head hard with his staff. "OUCH! Sano that was uncalled for."

"Uncalled for I think not Hoshi you apologize to this young lady right now!" Hoshi didn't look sorry; he seemed more concerned about how his hair looked then my feelings. I bit my lip trying not to say anything mean to this man. I would be nice to him no matter how mean he was to me. "Excuse me Sano you didn't tell me that you would be bringing company." Sano bowed and shook his head. "I'm sorry Lady Naomi. I especially apologize for Hoshi's behavior he's terribly naristic hopefully that will change when he becomes king." I tried not to look surprised at the fact that Hoshi was a prince, but it must have been a vain effort because Sano patted me on the shoulder and said. "That's right Hoshi is the new King of Northgard. Like you his dad just died."

"I'm sorry Hoshi. I'm sure your father was a good man." Hoshi didn't seem to be paying attention to me at all. He was staring at his reflection . "Sano let's just sign the treaty so he can go home." Sano pulled out a piece of paper. "As you wish Lady Naomi." The paper was mostly full of terms that I did not understand, but I sighed my name anyway. I noticed that Hoshi had already sighed his name. Even his handwriting was nice. Far nicer then my tiny messy handwriting. "Can we go home now Sano?" Hoshi asked.

"No I think its best that you go to southgard to pry for guidance it's a journey that all great Kings and Queens go on." My father told me about the Southgard it's a deeply religious town. The biggest temple in all of Mirrorland lies there. I've always wanted to go, but mother died so all my hopes vanished after she died. "I want to go Sir Sano……" Sano glared at Hoshi as if daring him to object to this suggestion. "O.k. I guess I'll go it's not like I have a choice if I don't go you'll just bug the hell out of me until I go." I cover my mouth to try and stop the giggles from coming out. "What's so funny?"

"Nothing……'s just the way you act. That's all."

"You've got problems…….now I know why Sano wants me to go."

"Why?!" I have a feeling the next senate he'll say is going to be really mean.

"Because you're kind of stupid. That's why but then again compared to me everyone is a little dull." I roll my eyes and let out a big sigh. "Just because your name means star doesn't mean that the you what are you the sun or something." Hoshi has got to the worst person I've ever met in my life he's so rude. As if to prove my point he look into the mirror and winks at himself. "Nah I'm not the sun. Stars are so much better."

"Are your guys ready to go?" Sano asked coming up behind Hoshi with our bags packed and ready to go. "What you two are doing is an ancient journey that every monarch goes on before he or she takes throne. They are supposed to pray for wisdom and the holy one gives you wisdom so that they can rule over the kingdoms with good hearts." Hoshi looked at Sano and grabbed his bags. "I'll be back in a week at the most." Hoshi said walking out the door. "Well good luck Naomi. I'm sorry you have to go on sudden circumstances." I walk up and give Sano a big bear hug. "It's o.k. You know me I love an adventures!" I wave him goodbye and to my surprise Hoshi had started down the road. "HEY WAIT UP HOSHI!!!!" I yell at the top of my lungs. "Then Hurry up……or I'm going to leave without you." I run as fast as I possibly can but unfortunately I tripped on a rock sending me face first in a nearby mud puddle. "God you're a klutz." Hoshi mumbled as he walked up to me and helped me up.

Sano looked down the road that Hoshi and Naomi had just left. He hoped that Hoshi would change on his journey with Naomi. After all Naomi was really a good person. To bad Hoshi would not have a chance to get to know her under better circumstances. He almost felt sorry for them after all they were only pawns in the grand scheme of things.

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