AN: This is my first attempt at a light hearted fantasy story. I'm trying to make it humorous and romantic at the same time. So wish me luck. It's an experimental story so if no reviews are given, I won't update it. Tell me what you think!


Chapter one

With the frost nipping at his heels he ran endlessly in the dark through the woods. He could hear them yelling his name and running after him. There were hundreds of them chasing after him. They were dangerous, hazardous, evil, houndish, fiends. They were.....women. Yes thats right women, women that were looking for a husband.

It all began about two weeks ago. The queen of Fiora issued a letter stating:

Dear eligible ladies of Fiora and neighboring kingdoms, I would like to address a very important issue. Two weeks from now the King and I will be throwing a ball. This just isn't any Ball. It is an engagement ball. My Son, Prince Davin was to be married three weeks from now. This Ball was originally being held as an engagement ball. His Fiance, however, has changed her mind in a sort of manner. I the queen have decided to help my son find another eligible woman. If you are indeed eligible please attend this ball.

So now here he was, in this predicament. One minute he was greeting the young ladies as they entered the Ballroom. Then the next minute women were all over him before the first dance even started. They were arguing about who was going to dance with him first and how they should be the one that he should marry. Thats how he got here. He darted out of the castle to get away from the crowd, but they just followed him. So he ran into the forest, with the ladies following close behind. He was impressed at how some of the ladies could run as fast as they did, considering the height of their shoes and lengths of their dresses.

They just kept coming. He was near exhausting but he had to keep pushing forward. These girls didn't know when to give up!

Sernada was one of the few "Eligible" Women left in the Ballroom. She looked around and saw that the once elegant ballroom now looked like a stampede came rushing through. All the air headed girls ran after the prince as he exited to the outside, so now their were only a handful left standing in the ballroom.

Sernada wasn't a giddy, flirty, air headed, young lady of Fiora. She was the daughter of a farmer and daughter of a Seamstress. Nothing fancy, but they got by just fine. Her father and mother both hoped that if she attended this ball she could get married or something. Oh and one more thing, she was really clumsy. It was like a curse or something!

The only reason she was here was to represent her family (The Durweigh's) and to humor her parents.

Sernada was a very well-educated lady. Yet she was a very hard worker. She knew how to work a farm and sew clothes. Even though she was a lady, this kind of thing wasn't her scene. She liked balls and fancy occasions, but an engagement ball wasn't on her list. She'd rather be milking a cow then try and win an arrogant prince's heart. This was just ridiculous.

Sernada looked up at the throne at the head of the Ballroom stairs. The queen was sitting with her head on the king's shoulder's sobbing. Sernada could hear hear broken cries.

"All I wanted Sniff was for him to find Sniff the perfect girl! Not to Sniff run away!"

"My dear he'll be back. I would run too if I were as overwhelmed as he was!" The king said stroking his wife's hair.

"This whole ball is ruined! RUINED!"

Sernada rolled her eyes and finished drinking her drink. She had been loitering around the orderve and drink tables for about an hour now. It was time to see what was happening outside. She was really curious if the Prince somehow made it back...alive!

Davin had to find some way out of here. These woods went on forever! He looked behind him. They were still coming! He started running again. This was CRAZY! How could his mother the queen do this to him? Was she trying to get him trampled to death! At the rate things are going now, he won't be alive much longer to get engaged again! He could see it now. His inscription would read: "Prince Davin, Mauled to death by ladies in waiting"

Finally he saw something that could make this a bit better. He darted into a secluded cave. If he hadn't of looked to the left just then he might have missed it. Hopefully the girls would pass by without seeing him. He heard their approach and their laughter.

"I think he went this way!" The girls screamed. Just as planned, they went right past the hidden cave. Davin sighed a huge sigh of relief. Finally, he can hideout here until it was safe.

Sernada walked slowly through the forest. She looked high and low to see if she could see the huge mob of girls running around in the woods. Sernada had to admit that seeing a bunch of rich arrogant girls in dresses running around the woods in the middle of the night was indeed very funny. She listened really hard to see if she could hear anyone. She heard screams and laughter. "Gotcha!" Sernada said before bolting into the night. She followed the laughter as it got louder.

She ran faster as the voices became louder. Then suddenly she fell and started rolling down a hill. She rolled what felt like a thousand times over before hitting flat ground. She landed with a thud on the ground. She looked up and saw a steep tree covered hill in front of her. She was surrounded by even more trees and vines. She looked to her left.

"Whats this? A cave?"

Sernada stood up and dusted herself off and peered harder into the darkness. It was definentley a cave. She could make out an opening. "Well" she said, " I guess I got nothing to loss."

She stepped inside the dark mysterious cave and started walking froward into the darkness.

It felt like forever since he first found the cave. In reality it had only been about half an hour. He was scoping out the night looking to see if he could tell if each shadow was a girl or a tree. Most ended up as trees. He sat down on the floor at the mouth of the cave. He leaned against one of the walls and sighed.

"What an evening! I never thought that being chased by a bunch of girls would be a bad thing!" He looked at the moon and sighed again. "It sure is lonely in this cave!" He said to moon. Then he heard a crack deep within the cave. He quickly looked back up at the moon again,"I didn't mean it I was joking!"

Davin Backed up against a wall waiting for what ever was in the cave to appear. He looked hard into the darkness and listened carefully. He heard...a voice?

"Ah man! Those were my good pair of dress shoes! Now the heels are broken!" Then he heard a splash then, "Oh I know that just wasn't a stinking puddle I stepped in!"

"Hello?" Davin whispered into the darkness.

"Hello?" A feminine voice called back.

Davin looked into the shadows, then saw a figure appear. He gasped as a horrendous figure formed before him. It had horns sticking obscurely out of it's head, and it had a long tail. It was a very dirty and dark figure.

"Oh saints protect me! It's a demon siren!" Davin cried as he ran out of the cave yelling.

Sernada looked out of the cave to see a running man yelling his head off. She looked down at a puddle to see her reflection. She had twigs sticking out of her hair and her dress was riped to where a long riped trail dragged behind her. She chuckled. "Aw...i'm not that bad am I?" She riped the "tail" off and plucked the "horns" from her hair. This guy was gonna have to do better then that to impress eligible ladies. Cowering over a grass stained dress and twigs wasn't going to cut it. Sernada brushed herself off and exited the cave. She was gonna find this guy and tell him that it was her in the cave, before he sent an angry mob to the caves with torches searching for the "Demon Siren".

She started running after the Prince. She had him in plain view. When she got close enough she started calling out to him,

"Hey wait your highness! There isn't any demon it was me! HEY! Are you even listening!"

The prince turned around still running to see who was yelling at him. Little did he notice that a tree trunk was coming up really fast.

"What?" He called back.

"You better turn around...." It was too late. Sernada's warning was in vein. The prince fell full bodied over the stump and rolled down the hill behind it. He rolled until he hit the ground, where he was knocked unconscious.

Sernada ran down the hill as fast as she could to the aid of the prince. She shook him, "Hey are you okay? Excuse me, Mr. prince sir, are you awake?" She kept shaking him but he still laid motionless.

"Ah man, I've killed the Prince! Now whats my father gonna say?"

Sernada looked at him again and noticed he was breathing.

"Well at least he's still alive, I guess he's just unconscious." She reassured herself.

"All I have to do is just take him back to the castle." Sernada looked back up the hill that they came down from.

"Aw no if you think I'm gonna carry you up that hill you got another thing coming!" She said to the unmoving and unlistening Prince. Sernada looked back at the hill then to the Prince again.

"No way! There is no way! I don't even know you!"

About an hour later and a few short brakes, Sernada emerged at the top of the hill huffing and puffing as she carried a motionless figure on her back.

"I can't believe I actually made it!" She said uselessly to the prince.

" Yeah well your welcome your highness, it was so good of you to thank me!"

Sernada carried him through the woods without any bother from the air headed girls.

"They must still be running circles in the woods looking for you." Sernada said to the Prince on her shoulders. They made it to a clearing and Sernada finally set both of them down in the grass to rest. She laid the Prince down and she sat beside him.

"You're laying down on the job your highness!" Sernada said while sitting down. He still didn't move. She looked back at the woods.

"Yeah they're probably running around like a bunch of chickens without heads right now looking for you! If only they knew you are afraid of things like Demon Sirens who are actually girls with sticks in their hair. How ridiculous! Then would they want to marry you?"

"They probably still would, although if they saw a girl carrying me up a hill, then maybe they would change their minds." A voice whispered from beside her. Sernada turned to see a very awake prince laying beside her.

"Hey there mister unconscious! You're supposed to tell me when you're awake, instead of listening to what I say! How long have you been awake?"

"Since half way up the hill." He breathed out.

"Well I'm not taking any of what I said back!"

"Thats fine."

"Okay." he said

"Okay." she repeated.

They both just sat there, not moving, not talking. Then Sernada broke the silence.

"We should get you back to the castle. Can you walk?" She asked.

The prince tried to get up but to no avail. He just slumped back on the ground in pain. "I'll take that as a no." Sernada said while hoisting him back onto her shoulder. Lucky for the both of them he was lite and easy to carry.

"This isn't a royal steed or carriage, but it's the best I can do." Sernada said as she walked forward. Davin laughed as he held on.

"I don't know, you do resemble some kind of horse in the light's of caves."

"Don't push it your highness, because I can go back to that hill and push you down it all over again!"

Davin clammed up but giggled from time to time as he road his "Royal Stallion" Back to the castle.