Remembering Emily

The Lake Prologue

Brian looked out of the window. "Is this a good day to go fishing," he wonders? Last Wednesday he caught several fish. He caught an enormous catfish. Brian decided to ask his friend Joe.

He knew they would have a good time at the lake. When Brian went to get Joe he was already gone to the late his mother said so Brian ran to the lake and Joe, Charlie, Frank and Gail were already there.

Gail turned around and said hey you guys turn around there he is. Joe, Charlie, and Frank turned around and said it's about time you showed up we thought you weren't coming. Brian didn't remember making a date with his friends to go fishing but he played alone and the way.

Charlie told Brian too grabbed a fishpole and Brian said all right. So what are we talking about? Concerts and softball that's one thing I can say about Charlie and me we like playing softball and softball was the topic the hole that night while we were fishing. Hey Brian snapped out of your shell you caught a fish.

Hey you ok because you haven't muttered a word all night? Brian didn't reply back but instead he set down by the oak tree and looked up at the beautiful sky. Charlie called Brian named but he didn't reply back and something told Brian to look over and the bushes he saw something lying on the ground.

Brain stood up and walked over to where he saw something lying on the ground. When he went to look at it, he couldn't even scream, he couldn't even say a word, he couldn't even turn around to yell at his friends. He saw something horrible a dead body at the lake where he and his friends fish almost every day.

He felt to the ground and begins to let out this horrible cry because he knew who it was. It was his sister Gail saw Brian on his knees and he begins to run to him and the rest follow Gail. Gail was the only girl out of the group and Brian yelled to Gail to stay back don't come over here but she didn't listen and came over and the way.

Charlie said Jesus Christ, its Emily Brian sister. Brian just cried out Emily's name Emily, Emily, Emily Charlie tried to touch him but he pulled away from Charlie and Gail was calling her dad Chief Michael's. Gail, what is it? Dad, I think you better come to The Lake.

Gail, what is it? Is it you? Is it Sam? Dad its Brian sister she's dead. Oh my God, all be there as soon as I can dad am scared. I don't know what to do Brian wanted talk to anybody. Dad please hurry I don't think he kind last this long am on my way.