Sasha quietly opened the gate connecting her boyfriend's house to the park behind it. Locking it, she snuck around the deck, aiming for his bedroom window. As she rounded the corner of the medium sized deck, Sasha spied a lone figure swinging from the railing.

By their neck.

"NOOOO!!" Sasha screamed. Fumbling in the dark, the black haired teen clambered up the deck stairs, undid the belt from around the porch railing, fled back down and took her boyfriend's head into her lap. "No no no no no no. . . . ." she cried over and over. He couldn't die. Her Isidore couldn't die. Not now.

Remembering a bit of first aid through the hazy panic, Sasha laid Isidore on the ground, and pressed rhythmically over his heart, and blew into his mouth, over and over. His heart beat ever so slowly, scaring her spitless. Her tears made wet marks on his face and shirt.

Isidore felt cold. He couldn't remember what had happened; only that he should not be here. Then it hit him. Sasha was supposed to come over tonight. Isidore tried to move. As he did, a light appeared in front of him. Not the sort that you would expect from tales of life after death experiences, but the kind that tells you that a light is on in the next room. Isidore stepped toward it.

Suddenly, an opening in the darkness appeared behind him. Turning swiftly, Isidore glimpsed himself walking out his back door, onto the deck, holding a belt. In the next instant, he saw a weeping Sasha holding his body, trying to revive him. He could hear her words as she vainly pressed on his chest with her hands:

"Don't die, baby. I love you so much. You're my only one. If you're dead, then I'll die too. God, let him live. You're the world to me. . ."

On his other side now, the light beckoned him, a feeling of peace and tranquility emanating from that distant room. All he wanted was the suffering to stop. The light promised him this. But Sasha. . .she was his world, his life, his love. Before things had started going overboard in his life, he was planning to propose to her. His beautiful Sasha.

At fifteen, he knew he wanted Sasha by his side as long as possible. By seventeen, Isidore needed Sasha by his side. And, on his eighteenth birthday, Isidore knew that if Sasha left, he would die. Now, here he was, he knew now, on the brink of death, not able to respond to the earthly world, but not yet gone, and his Sasha had found him.

"You're my world, Isidore. God, don't die! I want to marry you, have your kids. Dammit, I LOVE YOU!" Sasha's voice screamed in the vision.

Isidore made up his mind. Turning fully toward the image, he ran away from the light.

Sasha finally stopped trying to pump life into her boyfriend. It wasn't working! Nothing was working! She collapsed on his chest, not caring that it was still warm, that there still might be a chance. She knew it would go cold soon enough. Loud sobs wracked her body, as she clung to Isidore's lifeless form.

Suddenly, she felt his chest move in a cough. Then again, and again. Sitting up, she watched as her love struggled to get up while coughing from lack of air. He looked up at her and smiled weakly.

"You're so dead," Sasha tried to joke.

"Not as long as you're alive," Isidore responded. Sasha threw herself into his arms and started crying again. Isidore folded his arms around her in comfort.

"Don't ever do that again!" His girlfriend said vehemently.

"Never," Isidore lifted her chin and kissed her sweetly. "Sasha Cloud, will you marry me?"