There once was a beautiful snowflake.

He was sure he was the best of the best.

And as he drifted down to earth,

He looked down at the other snowflakes

And scoffed at what he could see.

"Oh, you silly little snowflakes. How silly you must be!

You snowflakes, don't you realize, you are not so pretty as me?
I am the best snowflake, this you must see.

My points are most shiny; I fall from the best part of sky.

Oh, you silly little snowflakes, there's no use to try.

No matter what you do, no matter what you cry

You snowflakes shall never be as beautiful as I."

"You call us silly, but the silly one must be you.

You say you're beautiful, be we are pretty, too.

None of us are exactly alike, there's only one, not two."

But the snowflake did no listen

He was convinced that he was the best.

The snowflake was cold, colder than cold.

And when he fell to the ground,

He held himself above them all.

"Come! Be a snowball with us!"

"I will not! I will not!"

"Come! Be a snowman with us!"

"I will not! I will not!"

"Come! Be a snow fort with us!"

"I will not! I will not!"

Soon the snowflake was all by himself,

And no flakes would ever speak to him.

He had ignored their offers of friendship,

He had missed his only chance.

And even as the temperatures rose

The snowflake got colder and colder.

"I am still the best!" He cried to himself.

"Those others; they are jealous.

Jealous, only jealous."

So, what happened to this little snowflake

If he is not a snowball, a snowman, or a fort?

If you really need to know . . .

That snowflake, he has gone, with nowhere else to go . . .

That snowflake, who used to be so white . . .

He's fallen into the gutter mush.

And now that snowflake has turned to slush.