A Cursed and Tormented Soul

She lays on the sidewalk,

Drenched in tears,

She doesn't belong anywhere,

Rejected from everywhere,

She's falling apart…

Sweet heavens weep for her,

Painful hell moans with her,

They are the only ones who share her great, everlasting torment, misery, agony,

She's been sentenced to eternal torture and punishment,

Presided over by the Satan and devils,

She dwells in Underworld, the abode of the death,

She feels its cursed shadow,

Restless souls go through her like painful bullets fired with anger,

She feels each of every souls' pain and angst,

She's dying for an angel to come her way,

She's falling apart…

"Be strong, " she hears a faint urge,

She holds on to every remnants of happiness she has left,

She gets beaten down again by everyone around,

She's losing faith and hope,

She's losing her dreams and visions in life,

Lost inside, insecure outside,

She's out of place, losing control in life and everyone around,

A downward spiral of despair, misunderstandings and tragedies.

She's falling apart…