Once again alone

Left to my own desolate thoughts

THe fires of my heart have extinguished

The flame of my sould has died

The day I lost you

Was the day I vowed....never to cry

I vowed to myself

Never to laugh

Never to sing

Never to fall in love again

But some things never change

I fell into you

and Now my heart is black and blue

I wanted to be in your life

Through the hatrid pain and strife

But you pushed me away

Said come back some other day

So I called and you said no

Like I was someone you didn't even know

So I fall away from you

Holding the remains of my heart thats black and blue

The tears don't fall no more

The sleepless nights have ceased

All thats left is a memory of you

Torn and left in many pieces

I pick them up

But you cast them out of my hand

You tell me that I will never understand

I'm smarter then you think

What ever happened to the coat of Mink?

So once again I sit by the river

And dream of the old days again

When I would look into you eyes and smile

Before your cold wind began

I miss those days so

I wish for them back

But you know my sould is black

and I know you won't be back.


---------Author's Comments-----------------

ahhhh...the sadness I'm in, I feel so alone

now adays, It's like the whole would has

abandoned me. ALL I ask is for a girl I

Can fall in love with and stay with...

But jeez who am I kidding...apparently

in this day and age...Love is dead.