A dark world

None seen before

I take you there

please shield your eyes

The pain is too much at first

Learn to live it

THese dark allys are my home

The streets call my name night by night

As the cold blue flames escape from my eyes

I've looked into your eyes

I can see your fear

I've showed you me true life

now you've disappeared

So what, I'll move on

With each passing minute

I fall apart

No one knows

For I don't show it

But deep behind this mask of contentment

Lies my true self

A tear streaked face

A scar ridden heart

A blackened soul

I live for the night

It wraps itself around me

Embraces me

Shields me from this harsh world

Keeps me away from other people

Yea, I've never been a people person

But I've tried

And Tried

To fall apart is devine

I never thought I'd find

someone to be mine

and of course I'm right

because you see me standing here alone

I'm not cool

I'm not popular

I'm not prep.

I've just had these things shoved into my face

why....ahhh the reasons...

"because you look hot"

what is your definiton of hot, yea, I may be hot, but I don't care

"because your a leader"

Define a leader, I'm silent

"because I love you"


I walk away from these people

They just bring me down

I've found a new place to go

where no one is ever around

A place of meditation

To be secluded

Ahhh the silence is deafening

Enthralled in this mystery of what I call a life?

Theres not too much to be known

for I am mysterious

I keep in my ways

only to reveal to the person that can love me for who I am

oh well

...Back to the streets.


-----Author comments-----

Yea, Kinda confusing? I

Kinda lost my track of thought

a few times during the making

of this poem....a appologize

to my readers if they are confused

But I think you all get the jist of it.