For the involved parties at Crying Crimson

I Know What It's Like

I watched them die

I've prayed for the hurt to stop

I've cried at friends' funerals

I know what it's like to watch

--Never being able to help—

A loved on slowly dies

I've seen my blood spill

I've felt my bones snap

I've screamed from the pain

I know what it's like to endure

--Always overpowered—

Sixteen years of abuse

I've felt my life drain away

I've seen my skin grow pale

I've smiled from the euphoria

I know how it feels

--The regret and heartache—

To watch suicide take its toll

I've reawakened in the hospital

I've heard the relieved doctors

I've screamed in anger and sorrow

I know how it is

--Always scared and lonely—

To be brought back to life

I've laughed in this world

I've cried from the down

I've lived in a fantasy world

I know what it's like

--Running from reality—

To live for the high

I've been to counseling

I've remained silent

I've heard words being written

I know what it feels like

--Always distant and cold—

Being insecure and depressed

I've been all alone

I've watched them die

I've tried to kill myself

I've survived another day

--I've done the drugs—

I've been through Hell

But, here you are

Saying I'm a bitch

I'm just a whiney child

I don't understand

Words were twisted and defiled

My help was turned to poison

How can you say I don't understand?

How can you say I've never felt that?

How can you say my life is perfect?

How can you say I don't feel anything at all?

For can't you see?

I do know what it's like