Extra Credit

Tina's Extra Credit ^_^

This was writen by my friend for an extra credit asignment. It tells you the story of Kiranai Hebun. I told her to use my story for it. The numbers are words she was suppose to use. You can e-mail her at [email protected] . I hope you like it.

The legion of Kiranai Hebun

There is a sub-world to our own, one that exists only to those who truly believe in it. A place more like heaven than earth: here lies the heavenly world of Kiranai Hebun. Whether you choose to accept your congenital(1) destiny is not an option. Each person chosen will lead completely different lives; they will acquiesce(2) to their affirmed(3) mission, willingly or not. For the sake of the world, for the lives of millions of people who look to them in hope, even if they must deign(4) their own lives.

The amanuensis(5) elucidates(6) from his scroll the true succinct(7) tenet(8) of his own people. He reminds this world's people of the legion. The legion that is still held sacred in their hearts. For only they know that when the aggregation(9) of star points have aligned, only then will the formidable(10) evil be vanquished.

A dark, vehement shadow covers the ground. A strange woman looks upon Heaven and earth with an austere(11) expression. Her long, silky jet-black hair seems to fill the night. Mysterious ruby red myopic(12) eyes shine through the darkness brighter than the stars. Her pale, Goth face matches the pallid coloring of a full moon, and one can almost feel the presence of brash(13) evil itself, lurking within this horrible, complacent(14) creature. One arm lying akimbo(15), and the other held up above her head, she stealthily(16) stirs up a cauldron in the sky by using possessed souls.

There is an evil, acrimonious(17) queen (whose name translates as "innocent") that is dogged(18) in trying to take over the world by stealing the souls of all the people. This is the formidable, feral(19), Queen Mushin. The fey(20) world of Kiranai Hebun lies in constant fear of this infallible(21) evil, which seems completely impassive(22) to suffering. The only people who can fight Mushin are 5 Princesses. This includes the Princesses of Healing, Love, Beauty, Strength, and Eternity. The Princess of Healing is the destined leader. Only the chosen Princesses have the power and fortitude(23) to defeat or at least mollify(24) the darkness.

There is also a good, genial(25) queen whom rules over the Heavenly World. This is the venerable(26) Queen Ka. When the Princesses were killed after the star points lost energy, she had them sent to Earth so they could be reborn and return when Mushin came back from the dead as well. The legion includes 10 guardians (more come each year) who must gather the 5 Princesses (one princess comes a year). They also aid in protecting their Princesses through their journey of searching for their star points. But they must work furtively(27), as Mushin can strike them any time. This can be corroborated(28) from the ancient scroll. These Princesses are originally born on Earth, but are thus transported to Kiranai Hebun when the fated star and moon day has come to pass on their sullen(29) lives. The Princesses are first welcomed to Kiranai Hebun by a gala(30), where they first meet their guardians.

The Princesses' star points are spread out all over the world. They protect Kiranai Hebun from Mushin by using a ruddy(31)-looking pure energy barrier that they can create only when together at the same time. But the barrier only lasts for so long, and when the princesses start to lose power, they are reborn. Every time a star point loses its power, Mushin gains more energy. This occurs when a new star point is found. Once the new one is found, an old one loses its power. The old star points don't lose all their power at once, so Mushin only gains her powers back gradually. The only way this endless, unmitigated(32) cycle will ever be broken is if someone is powerful enough to defeat Mushin, which has never been accomplished...Should Mushin gain infinite omnipotent powers, then both Earth and Kiranai Hebun would be in danger. There is no time for temerity(33) or time for one to play truant(34), as the end of Kiranai Hebun and Earth sits at the doorstep of evil.