I'm just another kid with no self esteem,

to make it just one month more,

before I'll be lost

I won't be found

I feel old

but much too young

can't do anything

but I have the world

of time for play

of time for work,

in the end

we're just dust to dust

dirt to dirt

so lay in a pile of shit

I'll call it home

cause I know I'm worth no more

I know I am worthless

I am empty

I am lost

I know I know nothing

and have no place here

amongst you all

amongst the world

yet no where else I can go

stuck and thrown around

the world is a friendly place

won't you have a cup of tea

jsut come and sit with me

cause there are long

grow far too late

these thoughts mean nothing

not that you care

just that its all so pointless

and the mindless chatter

fills this space between my ears

echoing so load

I can't hear myself think

about the stupid words that come to mind

as I quietly straddle the line

between sanity and madness

life and death

knowing and lying

found and lost

life's short enough

so shall I help it along?

wish for more of everything

you can never have enough

in the land of the living

in the land of the dead

awaits my arrival

but the ties that binds my wrist

from reaching the silver handle

of the door to eternal sunshine

to eternal darkness

of something I do not know

of something I wish to see

but the sun goes down

I must return to the picket fence

and hollowed home

return to what it is I have

what it is out of grasp

Just return until a later day

and then maybe,

I'll reach the door