This darkness overcomes me
and the world seems so cold
The darts people throw at me
Don't they realize that I am human too?
I am not just an object
that mindlessly functions
I am a person
I hurt and I ache
and I cry whenever you look at me
with those disapproving eyes
and snickering behind by back
Do you really think that I don't notice?
That I cannot hear the things you say?
I don't think you are that stupid
I'm sure you know this pain you cause
and all the tears I cry when I am alone
but you don't seem to care
Maybe you cry tears too
and your way of dealing with them
is causing me try cry like you
I do not know nor do I care
All I know is that the darkness
is gradually taking over my world
with every word you say
my hopes grow dimmer
I do not know how much light
I even have left
before the darkness
has consumed my entire soul