The soothing sound
of your soft voice
is all I need
to wash away my tears
Your smile can
enchant me
and bring me
to a far off place
A fairytale land
where only happiness exists
and love always wins

I need you now
more than ever
to hold me close
and make the world disappear
Leaving me with
only this feeling of love
I cannot live
another moment
without you
by my side
to comfort me

You are my
only escape
from my world
of excruciating pain
My suffering
is unbearable
until I see you
and hold you close
Then my world
becomes full of
beautiful perfection

So please
hold me close
and kiss me softly
So I can
relish this moment
this single moment
of pure happiness
and I will forget
all the other emotions
that haunt me
throughout my life