Hundred years have passed

Only now I've come to ask

Now I've come to think of it

The things done and undone, I see it

As I blankly stare at the sky

I felt as though my soul has died

I hear nothing but silence

I see nothing but darkness

Of the world that was once alive

The world that breathes and strives

As I lift the pages of the book

I can see how the world once looks

Tall trees, green grass

Pretty flower, water as clear as glass

Imagining how does it feel

When the wind blows, giving a chill

Picturing myself sitting by the river

Feeling the water as it gives a shiver

What happened?

What have we done?

One day the people woke up and the world was none.

I was born in a place

Where life cannot be traced

Inside these boundless walls

I hear nothing but siren calls

People striving, people dying

Some are lucky enough that they're surviving

I was a child in this prison

Where there's no freedom to reason

Every single thing is being paid

Even the air I breathe is for trade

Now people can do nothing but to cry

Their spirits are dying, giving a sigh

Their souls are weary

They feel nothing but dreary

Now they begin to ask

Why they have ripped the world to ash

Now they realized the world was precious

That they have turned it into something hideous

What happened?

What have we done?

I opened my eyes and the world was gone.