Title: Circle Of Friend

Rating: Pg-13, for language, drug and alcohol usage, as well as self mutilation.

Summary: Five friends, five very special bonds. Five very special teenagers, experiencing high School together. But while all of this goes on each has a different opinion on the other, how close is it to the truth, and how much is it biased on dislike for one?

Chapter One: This is me, it's how I'm gunna be.

Autumn London slept in her bed, her body wrapped by her blanket in different ways, she moved in her sleep a lot. She pitied the person who would marry her, if anyone would. Yes she was a bit insecure, but she didn't like to admit that, she thought she hide it well, or so she hoped. Autumn jumped in alarm as her alarm clock blasted out music. Autumn slammed the snooze button and rubbed her eyes. You see she was afraid she wouldn't wake up if her alarm clock wasn't high enough, so she put her alarm clock on the radio setting at the highest volume. Autumn, untwisted her self from the blanket and correctly turned her alarm clock radio, she yawned and saw her alarm clock read 6:20, which was a lie, her alarm clock was about 30 minutes ahead of the actual time, yes she was bit paranoid of not getting to school on time, but that was Autumn for you. She walked to the bathroom and turned on the light she squinted, not being able to see anything but light, and by memory walked to the toilet, after her eyes had adjusted she washed her face, walked into her room, she looked at the pile of freshly washed clothing that she had yet to put away, nor would she ever until a week or so when her parents forced her to clean her room before being able to go onto the computer.

"What to wear?" Autumn questioned aloud, "Where are my Aeropostale jeans?" She asked herself aloud as she tried to stifle a yawn. "There you are." She said and grabbed them, as well as a random t-shirt, she dressed and looked at herself in her big mirror that was situated a top her dresser, it was decorated with pictures of her friends from the social in June, as well as an Eighth Grade Graduation card, from one of her best friends, Ariel Herman. She pondered on what make up of her mothers she would wear as well as what she would do with her hair.

Ariel Herman woke up at 6:50, and her alarm clock, much unlike Autumn's had the correct time. Ariel groaned, it was time to wake up, she didn't like week days, they were stupid, they made you get up before 10 o'clock, it was unnatural. Unless of coarse you were Autumn who woke up early own her own no matter what. (Except when they dragged her out of house and to late movies or festivals) But that wasn't the point, right now she had to wake up. Ariel; slowly moved up from her bed, she looked at her closet closing exactly what she would have to wear. It had to look just right. Ariel picked out a pair of dark pants and a purple t-shirt. She got dressed and walked to her small vanity. She brushed her dark hair. Ariel was part Italian, so her skin looked like a very nice summer tan, as well as dark hair and dark eyes. She was a bit short, but that really didn't bother her. She brushed her hair and put no-cowlick lotion on her hair, and put a bit of eyeshadow and lip gloss on.

She walked into her kitchen where her mother, and brother, Ron was. "Eat fast, don't want you to be late." Ariel's mom said.

"I know, don't worry." Ariel said.

Frankie O'Connell was parking her bike at the school at 7:30. She had a workout in the morning, first her newspaper route along with riding her bike to school. Frankie wore a long-sleeved shirt with tight jeans. She had no make up on and her hair was just pulled, back because she didn't want to do anything with it. With this year she had found insight, she have to wait until the boys matured, to see if they would like her. The only reason Ariel got as many dates as she did was because she was short, though Autumn would forever disagree with her on this, saying the reason Ariel got as many dates as she did was because she was pretty. Even though Frankie knew Ariel was pretty, she thought it was because the boys want to be taller then her a feel superior to the women.

Frankie walked into the school and stopped at her locker where she saw Rhia had forgotten to take her science book out of Frankie's locker.

Rhia, was happy with her straightened blonde hair. She had been excited when she'd found this fairly cheap priced straightener, and it actually worked good. She walked out of the house, meeting up with Lilith and Autumn at the corner, and they walked to school together.

"I mean I love her to death, but sometimes she just such a poser." Lilith said. Autumn shrugged. Rhia started singing a song.

"Breakaway!" Rhia sang. Lilith and Autumn started laughing.

"You are so random." Autumn laughed. They walked to school talking a bit more and separated to go to their separate lockers. Autumn walked upstairs to her locker and got all the books and binders she would need, which included two binders, her Algebra I, Global Science, Health and Spanish book, along with five folder, and two spiral notebooks for Health and Spanish. She grabbed her pencil case and her agenda (without her agenda no teacher would allow you to leave their classroom to go to the bathroom), and she walked to science with about 25 (possibly more) pounds on her back. Thank the heavens her first period was only around the corner. Autumn took the book bag off her back and put it next to her.

"Hey" Ariel said turning around from her seat in front of Autumn.

"Hey." Autumn said rubbing her back.

"Why do you bring that to first period if you go to your locker after this class?"

"So I don't have to load it and try to get to class." Ariel nodded.

"Makes sense I suppose."

"Yeah, and at least I let to put back a book and a binder, it make it slightly lighter." The Bell rang, abruptly ending their conversation.

Later, after school Autumn walked in where her mom was sitting on the couch covered by a blanket sucking on a lolly pop and reading a book.

"Autumn, tell your father I'm not eating dinner, I haven't been feeling well." Autumn nodded and sighed, not loud enough for her mother to hear. Autumn didn't like that her mother thought she was fat, nor did she like that her mother had disease IC, Interstitial Cystitis. From what her mother told her, it was nothing good, it usually felt like having cramps everyday. It couldn't be fun.

Lilith walked into her house, panting from the walk. This was why she went to Autumn's house in the morning, it was so much closer then her own house. Her mother complained about bringing her, because she would be running later then usual to work, her mother was a pain like that. Lilith thought. Lilith walked into the kitchen and grabbed a few cookies to eat for her after school snack, her older sister walked into the room.

"Lilith, don't eat that, your as fat as it is already."

"Shut up asshole."

"MOM!" They both yelled at the same time.

Rhia was at cheerleading practice, she had finally gotten the position as a flyer for tomorrow's junior varsity game.

"Ready and 1... 2.. 3..." They practiced the routine. "Up, and Cradle." After the practice Rhia's father took her home, where she did her homework in the living room. Geometry, a downright awful class, all those proofs, why did these teachers like these stupid proofs? Hmmm? After Rhia finished her homework she signed online. She looked at her buddy list and as per usual Autumn and Frankie were on.

AutumnsLeaves: Hey Rhia!

FashionPolice: Hey Autumn! Nice new screen name!

AutumnsLeaves: Yeah, I like it much more then FallsEnemy.

FashionPolice: lol. So how's Algebra I going for you?

AutumnsLeaves: It's fine, easy enough so far. How's geometry? smirks

FashionPolice: You know exactly how much I hate it.

AutumnsLeaves: I don't believe that's correct English.

FashionPolice: Shut up.

AutumnsLeaves: Alright, Alright. Brb.

AutumnsLeaves is away at 04:10:15pm

FashionPolice: Alright.

AutumnsLeaves auto response:

BRB, just gotta do another load of Laundry.

Rhia nodded after reading the auto response, today was Wednesday, it was the day Autumn usually did her emergency laundry. Which meant, she either had no clean underwear or no clean pants, as Autumn always said she would always have more then enough t-shirts for a couple weeks.

Rhia entered the room next to the living room, which was the Kitchen, she took out some lemonade and poured it into a cup, which she took back to the computer, which showed Autumn was now Idle now. Rhia instant messaged Frankie.

FashionPolice: Hey Frankie!

TinkTheFairy: Hi Rhia

FashionPolice: Sup?

TinkTheFairy: nm, u?

FashionPolice: same here, so are we doing anything this weekend.

TinkTheFairy: Umm, not that I know of. I think we might be going to the movies, like we do every week.

FashionPolice: Okay. Gtg, ttyl.

FashionPolice has signed off at 04:25:59pm

Frankie was too late to say goodbye to Rhia. Frankie shrugged and put her away message on, and left her labtop on her bed. She walked outside and to her back yard where there was a trampelene. She bounced up and down doing random flipps.

Autumn brought up a load of 'emergency laundry' as she liked to call it. Autumn hummed the chorus of 'Cold hard Bitch' by Jet as she walked up the staircase. She put the plastic laundry basket on the carpet and pushed it in front of her door, which was the furthest door down the hall, she pushed her door open, revealing a slightly dirty room, with clothing thrown around the room.

She heard her phone ring, she searched for where she heard a ring, which was under last nights pj's.

"Hello?" Autumn said into the reciever.

"Hey, guess what?" Came Lilith's voice

"Ummm, what?" Autumn asked as she started to put away some laundry.

"Mr. Lickston, made us make up this essay on what we see in our future, more specifically ten years."


"And I'm like no you mofo, I'm going to be dead in ten years. I mean come on who knows where we are going to be in ten years, I know no one in the class could possibly imagine what will happen in ten years, I mean three years ago did you imagine we wouldn't be friends with Hellen? I bet you didn't, but hey she turned out to be a bitch, what can you do?" Lilith said.

"Yeah." Autumn said distractedly as she put all her school books back in her back pack so it would be ready for the next morning.

"Ugh, I mean he's cool and all, but that's just gay!"

"Who's gay?"

"Mr. Lickston! Autumn are you listening to me."

"Um yes, yes I am. I am just doing the laundry on the side."

"Right. Ugh Mom is bothering me, I'm kind of grounded, I'll talk to you later."

"Alright, bye." Autumn said and hung up the phone.

Lilith walked downstairs where her mom had her hands on her hips, looking slightly intimidating.

"What?" Lilith asked.

"Watch that attitude, you punched your sister."


"I said watch the attitude! "

"And what if I don't want to?"

"Then your grounded!" He mother yelled at her.

"I already am!" Lilith yelled back and stormed upstairs. "Mofo." She muttered.

Frankie sat on her trampoline looking at the sky, it had already grown dark, and there were a few stars peeking threw the slightly clouded sky. Frankie sighed, she had gotten an F on her midterm, and she was frightened of what would happen when they found out. It definitely wouldn't be something to look forward to, that she knew.

"Oh god, they are going to kill me." She said looking up at the night sky. Frankie felt something cold a wet fall on her shoulder, she saw a droplet of water, then she heard a roll of thunder. Just her luck, right? Frankie sadly walked into the house, where her parents were sitting on the couch with a paper in her mother's hand. And they didn't look happy. Frankie cursed her stupidity, she hadn't put her book bag in her room, she had kept it in the kitchen.

"Frankie." Her father said curtly.

"Hi." Frankie said weakly.

"Do you know what I have in my hand?" Asked her mother, her voice rising with anger. Frankie gulped.

"My test?"

"Yes, do you know what garde is boldly printed on this test!?" Her mother asked.

"An 'F'."

"Precisely, and please tell me this isn't your midterm." Frankie gulped, and her mother's eyes narrowed. "You are grounded, in your room NOW!" Her mother yelled. Frankie obediently went into her room, where she looked at her picture of Tinkerbell, which she'd had since she was five.

Frankie lay down on her bed looking at the poster, after a while it seemed to come to life, as if Tinkerbell was flying around the room.

"He he." Frankie heard. "Your so stupid, you know you should have brought that back pack into your room, your silly girl." Tinkerbell said and tapped Frankie's nose with her wand with a star at the end, and she disappeared. Frankie rubbed her eyes, everything looked normal.

"Oh Lord, I've gone mad." Frankie said slapping her hand over her eyes.

Ariel was at the barn, taking care of her horse, Anna. "Come on Anna, let's go practice."

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