Chapter Eight: The Sour After Taste

Rhia sat on a bench in front of the school, working on her latest design. He ambition was to one day become a fashion designer, and she was really good at it actually. She'd made outfits before and gone to a few classes.

"Hey." She heard a voice say, she looked up and saw Carson, she was very happy to actually see him. She hadn't seen him since, well last art class, but it seemed like forever.

"Hey." Rhia said back, "Wanna sit down." Carson nodded as she made room for him, he looked at the notebook paper she was using for her design and what she was writing about the fabric, thread, and such.

"You design clothing?"

"Yea, it's one of my big hobbies." Carson nodded.

"That's cool, so do you take any classes here for it?"

"There are none available for freshman, I have to wait until my junior year." Rhia explained to him. Carson nodded.

"So do you know, Dana Lefroy?" Carson asked her.

"Umm... yea." Rhia said, of coarse, though, most people did know Dana. Being one of the most popular girls in the school and all, who wouldn't date a person with red hair, she'd admitted it once, and all the hopes and dreams of the boys with red hair went down the drain.

"Do you know where her locker is, I'm supposed to meet her before class."

"Sorry, can't help you there, what do you need to meet up with her for?" Rhia asked, Carson bit his lip.

"We're kind of supposed to go out this weekend." He told her.

"Are you?" Rhia said, surprised at this information. After she though about it, it made perfect sense, he still hadn't a reputation at the school, and he was new. Everything Dana looked for in a guy.

"Yea." Carson said, the five-minute bell rang. "Well, I've gotta go, see you in art class?" Rhia nodded as she gathered her stuff to go to her first period classroom.

Rhia couldn't believe Carson and Dana were going out now. It so wasn't fair! Rhia saw him first! Rhia sighed as she played a bit with her pencil as the teacher was talking non-stop about some stupid revolution that happened like two hundred years ago, it wasn't like it was a current event, so why even bother, Rhia wasn't sure. All she could think about was Carson, and what would make him go out with Dana. For one, she was popular, but she was a bitch, but she was super skinny. As soon as the thought was made in her brain, Rhia looked down at herself and felt her stomach. Although to onlookers, Rhia seemed very skinny, Rhia felt she was fat, and when she looked into the mirror all she saw was fatness. She decided that she should probably go on a diet.

During Lunch, Rhia put her head on the table. Autumn looked over at her, taking herself out of her thoughts, "Rhia, are you alright."

"I think I ate too much, something bad in the food." Autumn looked over at what she ate, she'd only take like two bites of her sandwich.

"You hardly ate anything."

"Well I can't help if that part had bacteria!" Rhia snapped and left for the bathroom. After Rhia left the table, Autumn and Ariel exchanged a glance, Rhia like almost never snapped at anyone. Not even during PMS, they weren't even sure if Rhia went through PMS at this point. Ariel left the table and entered the bathroom.

"Rhia?" She spoke into the bathroom. She heard someone throw up in one of the stalls. "You alright?"

"Bad food, like I said." Rhia said wiping her mouth, and coming out of the stall. She washed her face, with water that came out of the sink.

"I know, just making sure, maybe you should go home." Rhia shook her head.

"I'm fine, I threw up and got it out of my system, I'll be fine." Rhia told her.

"You want my chips? You didn't eat much." Ariel noted.

"No, no, I'm not in much of a mood to eat, especially after seeing all that stuff." She said motioning to the stall. Ariel nodded.

"You should eat something though."

"I'll be fine, only a couple more periods of school you know. I'll be fine with one meal skipped." Rhia said, not liking that Ariel kept pressing the situation. She did not want to eat, and that should be the end of it. No one should keep pressing the issue, just mind their own business. She was fine the way she was.