Author's Note YEAH! Chastised is finally finished and the epilogue is up. The epilogue is light-hearted so I hope you weren't expecting a 'big' finish. I felt that the story was extreme enough in some aspects and therefore a quiet finish seemed more appropriate.


Ryann sat on a wooden swing that had hung from one of the many trees in the sprawling Leston estate. She smiled as she fingered the delicate gold ring that blended perfectly with her smooth, white hand.

She looked up and saw a small girl running towards her. "Mother, mother! Look what I found." The girl exclaimed happily as she reached Ryann, extending a small arm.

In her palm was a black rose petal.

Ryann took the petal from her daughter's hand and blew it into the wind, watching as it spiraled upwards. "Isn't it beautiful Alyn?"

The girl nodded vigorously, her raven like tresses hitting against a pair of flushed cheeks. "Yes it is."

"Do you want to see something even more beautiful?" Ryann inquired, nudging Alyn gently.

The little girl nodded.

Ryann carefully held out one hand and curled it, creating a small 'cave' in the center. Alyn blinked as she watched her mother's hand cover itself with a thin layer of frost, icicles emerging from the layer.

Seconds later a rose made out of ice lay in the palm of Ryann's hand. Alyn's dark blue eyes grew wide. She reached towards the ice rose tentatively. "May I touch it mother?"

Ryann nodded and a smile crept onto her lips as the little girl burst out giggling. "Oh its cold." She whispered excitedly, taking it from Ryann's palm and cradling it.

"But it is beautiful." Ryann answered simply.

"What is beautiful?" a familiar voice inquired.

Alyn almost dropped the ice rose and turned around, grinning widely. "Father!" she cried, hanging Leston the rose, "Look what mother created?"

Leston took one look at the rose and his face blanched. "Alyn, kindly go to your room. I have to speak with your mother."

"Yes father." Alyn responded obediently, before skipping towards the mansion, the rose still in her tiny hands.

Ryann glanced away, dreading what Leston had to say. "Ryann," he began gently, "Is there something you have not yet told me?"

"Such as what Myron?"

"Did you genuinely create that rose?"

Ryann shrugged. "I curled my palm like this…" her fingers curved towards the inside of her hand, "…and made a rose."

"From thin air? That is impossible."

"Many things are believed to be impossible."

Leston's brow furrowed, his lips crooked. "I-I do not understand. You said you were not a witch-"

Ryann leaned forward pressing her finger to his mouth. He stiffened as something cold formed on his skin.

"Do you believe me now?" Ryann wanted to know, pulling back, the ice melting into water and sliding down Leston's chin.

Leston's mouth moved wordlessly.

Ryann placed her hand around the back of his neck, tiny droplets of ice forming on the nape.

"It is only magic." She whispered before kissing him lightly.

Alyn danced around her room, placing the ice rose onto her dresser.

She lifted a finger in its direction, biting her lip.

And grinned as a sphere of ice encircled the solitary rose.

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