Crushing Violets

For You

Crushing violets, one by one
Desolate in the gentleness you possess
Soft encasing polythene
Suffocate me slowly.

Dry up as soon as the water comes,
Coldest month lights the warmest glow
Quietly at your centre.

Too logical to comprehend,
Hanging questions by twilight
Until they dissolve into you.

Craft a thousand words, subtle and precise,
Expose corners I was unaware of.
Unconscious skill works me into greatness
Only a vague outline of you.

Haunted by a fruitless desire to philosophise
Dark seas merge seamlessly with clouded skies,
Closer in shadow, when even the weakest light
Shines too strongly.

Travelling in circles,
Progression an unattainable fantasy
That embodies all you strive for.

Perfect concern touches me and I reflect
It back to your misted beauty.
Doomed to be your moon
Life's gentle curse
Inflicts itself upon me.

Toil under the banner of clarity,
Yet you dip me into cold confusion
Like you might a piece of salted bread.

Numbed to the state of inversion,
Feelings interweave themselves with the graceful fluidity
Of your fingers; carving expression from nothing.

Holding, blurring, time no longer any concept I can recognise,
Lost in touches of friendship.
My marker of life, the words that pass between us
Can only define me.

Your own sun distorted in the haze,
So that I wonder if that light which echoes out of me
Is unidentifiable to you as your own.

Mirrors bouncing light off every corners
Makes me unsure if I ever was a mirror at all
Or just another shard on the floor.

Continuing admiration from lips
That have tasted only a blade's distant bitterness.
In vain, I confine you to words,
Pull apart this pitiful longing





And cast off the thought
That you, in turn, are only a convincing reflection of someone else.