Why didn't you abort me?

Instead of raising me in this hell

The world would have been better off you know

And I wouldn't have to put up this relentless show.

Why couldn't you just kill me?

When I first opened my eyes

Instead of just ignoring my innocent pleads or cries.

Why did you just leave me?

Now I cry with out letting go

I'm afraid I'll lose our memories

That would kill me long and slow.

Why didn't I just call you?

It's not like it was hard

Maybe I could have sent a "just because" card

Why didn't we try to help you?

Denial is never the answer

I'd be better off with cancer

Why mom, do I miss you?

When I gave you little time

I treated you like your love, to me, wasn't worth a dime

Why am I writing this now?

Isn't it a little late?

Or maybe now that I'm dieing

It's just the work of fate.

when I say dieing I am speaking metaphorically