The limousines took off just like before, and I was in the room with mirrors again. I felt the same wrongness but could do nothing about it. Staring into the mirror helplessly, I heard the doorknob turn. Preparing for the worst I turned around to face my doom. The door began to open and I stood as stone. I could hear gun shots and cries for mercy outside the door. As I looked up I saw Jimmy, blood splattered across his chest. I let out a sob as he closed the door and embraced me, locking out the sounds of warfare. He coaxed me into being quiet.

"What are you doing here, Jeanne?" He asked.

"Hiding," I replied, trembling, "What's going on out there, Jimmy?"

"Mob war. They think we're apart of it. We have to run," Jimmy answered, stroking my hair.

I looked around, finally noticing a door knob on one of the many mirrors in the room. I turned it, fearing the worst, opened the door and discovered a lit hallway. Down this hallway were more doors. I could hear the mob getting closer and closer. Letting adrenaline drive me, I bolted down the hallway with Jimmy at my side. We ran to a door to see if it was open - it wasn't. Tried four others only to find that they were locked too. The sixth door was open, thank God, and we found a ransacked room, no light, loud recognizable sounds coming from the bedroom.

Entering the bedroom we found two lovers torturing each other in the most pleasurable way. Feeling aroused, I took one last glance before Jimmy left, pulling me with him.

We tried a different room that seemed safe. Inside we found two boys, sixteen or seventeen, snorting crack. Both looked almost as if they had light coming from behind them and they seemed to be looking at the world through diamonds instead of eyes. Disgusted, disappointed, we left this room as well and tried one last door.

This room was completely empty of sex and drugs. Exhausted from running in heels, I entered the bedroom and laid down on the bed. Jimmy sat down next to me and began to take off my coat.

"What are you doing?" I asked, breathily.

"Making you comfortable," he answered, "we might have to be here for a while."

"Oh, okay," I said, closing my eyes and leaning into him. He was unbuttoning my dress when the telephone rang.

I woke up, facing Jimmy, his chest bare. I kissed it and sat up. The clocked read 4am. Shaken by my dream, I stripped and began to draw myself a bath.

Jimmy entered the bathroom as I stepped into the tub, both of us naked. He grinned and I held my arms out to him.

Sitting there in the warm water, Jimmy kissed my shoulders gently. I couldn't stop thinking about my dream and was insuseptible to any distraction seduction whatsoever. Turning myself around the face him, I asked:

"Jimmy, did you have a dream tonight?" He touched me gently and nodded.

"Yeah I did, actually. Did you?" He said, stretching his legs out on either side of my body.

"I did," I said gravely. He looked at me with concerned eyes.

"Are you okay?" He asked. I nodded and stretched out on top of him, head resting against his shoulder.

"There was a mob war and you found me in this room full of mirrors and we were running and went into this room and the phone rang..." I said into his chest.

"...Same for me," He replied

"Really?" I asked. He nodded. "What do you think it means?"

"...I don't know..."

Both of us now troubled, I closed my eyes and let him caress my body. He let his hands do the talking and soon we were making love in the water, neither of us hearing the sound of the faucet running in the kitchen.