Never Again

It was so long ago, the days where I had freedom when I thought it was a prison. I still can not believe I can remember, or that my mind still holds the burden of the life I had left behind.

Still those days ring through my mind and often I have wondered if I had chosen the right paths, if I had down what was right, or if I was clouded by my own foolish judgment that I found to be logic.

Much I have sacrificed and left behind, and much I know I must let go, but in due time, for now I can never forget. My heart still aches and the memories will not break. I can still remember all the angry voices in my head, the screaming, the cold night outside, death surrounding me with lies.

This is my story, the story of a piece of my life. I know it may not be too interesting, but I had written it a while ago, and I finally had gotten this back so I can share it with all of you. Please remember that a few parts are not completely true, but that is only to make it understandable. If you are not sure and are 'dying' to know, then ask and I can answer you, don't be afraid, I don't bit.

Now be warned, it is not a happy tale, and so I hope you are not expecting something bright and cheery. In fact it has a lot of things that might even scar you in a sense.

Now I hope you enjoy because in a few minutes, I will have the first chapter posted. Until then….