I loved you more than anything
and now you're gone forever
A foolish decision
as left me with a hole in my heart
that will never ever heal.

A foolish decision
that seemed normal to all of us
and left so many of us
with ailing hearts
including my very own.

Even through all our fights
and all the tears you made me cry
I always had at least some hope
that maybe we could last
and be each other's first and only loves.

But now you're gone
and I am left with my shattered hopes.
I am left wondering
what could have been?
What would have been?

If only we had listened
to all the lectures and speeches
that taught us of the harms
that could come from
our foolish decisions.

Maybe then I wouldn't be left
with these tears falling down my cheeks
and this heart that can never be repaired.
Even if we hadn't made it forever
Even if you had broken my heart

At least I wouldn't be left wondering.