i am bleeding
inside and out
my scars show
no matter what i try
i cannot shield
your innocent eyes
from this blood
that I shed
and the pain
that I suffer
every moment

i have tried
so very hard
to hide this side
of myself
from you
you are
and you deserve
better than
i can ever be

i am merely
damaged goods
nothing more
and you are
more perfect
than anyone
that i know
and you should
not waste your
precious time
on me

now that you
have seen
the real me
i will understand
when you
run away
it will hurt
just like it
always does
and i will bleed
even more

but you
don't run
you are scared
but you refuse
to leave me
you take my hand
and hold me close
and try to
kiss away
all my scars

you will not
my scars cannot
just magically disappear
no matter
what you do
but knowing
that some one
cares enough
to stay
eases the bleeding

A/N: I have some title ideas... Damaged Goods... The Bleeding... Ease the Pain... which do you like better? OR do you have a better one of your own?