She paints her nails
a striking red
and blows on them softly
as if the perfection of her nails
defines her whole personality
and maybe it does
maybe her whole life
does rely on those nails
and how well they come out
if there is a speck of dirt
maybe her life will end
but I highly doubt it
yet she is so focused
on this one aspect of her life
Doesn't she realize
all her potential
besides being beautiful?
Doesn't she know
that she could be anything
that she damn well pleases.
Does she really think
that beauty is her only asset?
I hope that I have taught her better
and I hope that she won't forget
everything that my generation
and the generations before me
have fought so hard for
and that she will accomplish
more than I ever could,
but as she paints her nails
with more concentration
than she does anything
I have to sigh
because I highly doubt
she realizes any of this.