Bitter Anamnesis

You smiled at me

I smiled back

Your eyes twinkled

My hearts jumped up

You said hello

I replied hi

We talked

We laughed

We made the night into morning

We slept at six o'clock

Afternoon came we parted

We went on our ways separated

Time went by

I was still high

I was in love

Happiness soared above

Winter passed

Seasons changed

For the last time

You and I met

Things changed

Not me but you

Soon I understand

It wasn't me

But her, my friend

You glanced at her

Send her your smiles

Then I realized

I was the way

She was your seek

Time stopped

Knife stabbed

My heart bleeding

My eyes crying

I was hoping but I guess its just me

I awoke from this dream

I denied everything

It turned my heart numb

Cold as stone

But cracks won't disappear

Scars won't heal

It will stay forever

Now I look back

Thinking, reminiscing

Wishing, praying

That someday it'll be over

Nothing but a memory to remember.