I sit here,

Already lonely

While you attack me.

I don't know what I did

I try to swallow the tears

But they just keep coming

Out of my fragile heart

and over the keyboard.

What have I done

to turn you against me?

I can't take it

You send me over the edge of this endless

Crooked cliff

Every time…

And all these years,

All this time

I did the best I could

never lied to you,

never betrayed you.

And even though you've lied to me

Even though you weren't always

The kindest you could have been

I never did anything

I sat there and waited

For it to pass

I forgave you

I put it behind me

And tried to forget

Because I believed you

When you said

You never meant to hurt anyone

I comforted you

When you were down

But now that I can barely

Stand on my own feet

You come up behind me,

push me down

And then you turn away

I'm so worthless

Not worth a single person's time

Everyone thinks it's all right

To walk all over me…

Pavement on which to roll out the red carpet

For you to stroll upon.

What are you hiding

why do you have to hide?

I can't fight back

I'm too tired,

The world is catching up with me

I can't argue

Please don't

If you're going to tell me

That I'm wrong once again

That I know nothing

But refuse to tell me what it is

I don't know

Please don't

Can't you open up

Just once?

Can't you back down

Just once?

But if you do nothing else for me,



Without your dagger words

Ready at your side.